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We are a certified social enterprise and a reference in Romania for sustainable fashion, garments and textiles.

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How it all started
What makes us REDU

Bothered by the salient negative impact of fast fashion and textile industry and confident in the potential for diminishing it, in the spring of 2015, at the very Eastern end of the European Union, în Iași, Romania, a handful of people, members of the grass roots organization Mai bine, launched REDU.

About Redu
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Started initially as a pioneering project of Mai bine, inspired by the organization’s vision and developed on the basis of its previous experiences and undertakings devoted to capacity building for sustainable development, REDU is today a certified social enterprise and a reference in Romania for sustainable fashion, garments and textiles.

The name REDU - reduce in Romanian - reflects our mission of creative reduction of the textile waste. We were the first in Romania to address this in an organised and entrepreneurial way and by applying the triple bottom line approach - people, planet, profit.  We create new and improved products out of pre-consumer and post-consumer textile waste and collected old and used materials from the community in order to reuse them.

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Our online shop is still under construction, but you can check our products in person in Iași, Romania, at our headquarters, or at Cuib.

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What they say
“Meet the sustainable fashion shapers of SEE, Part 1: Towards zero waste with REDU”
-The Recursive, 2021
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What they say
“REDU is a successful social enterprise that transforms textile waste into resources.”
-The European Environmental Bureau, 2020
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SheMakes Workshop @Humans (September 4th 2021)

Anca Chirilă Gheorghică

The aim of the stakeholder workshop, titled "Closing the Gender Gap - Creating a Community", was to contextualize, involve and empower a number of key stakeholders
REDU at Re:Start - Romanian Creative Week 2022 (20 - 30 May)

Anca Chirilă Gheorghică

We are delighted to announce that we will participate in this year's edition of Romanian Creative Week (RCW22)
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